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Runs Small- Size Up

This unisex P.A.N.D.A hoodie reminds you to focus on the things YOU can control.   

Features a fun and colorful chenille front logo with MHJ spotlighted.   Runs true to size

P - Positivity: Embrace positivity in your life, cultivating a mindset that helps you stay calm and centered.

A - Awareness: Be aware of your emotions, thoughts, and triggers that may disrupt your peace. Self-awareness is key to managing your inner state.

N - Nurturing: Take time to nurture yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Engage in self-care activities that promote inner peace.

D - Detoxify: Remove or minimize sources of negativity and stress in your life. This could include toxic relationships, environments, or habits.

A - Acceptance: Practice acceptance of things you cannot change. Let go of unnecessary resistance and find peace in acceptance.


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